21st Century Male

The Challenge to Motivate and Teach our At-Risk Youth

Creating a Universal Learning Environment

The 21st Century Male

 With our boys, there must be a clear understanding of the crisis they  are facing, how multiple factors converge in replicating their crises,  and what each of us can do to begin to intervene. In the discovery of  strategies, we can all participate in the solution. 

World Class Learning Environment

 A growing dropout problem, the downward trend in standardized test  scores, and the dramatic increase in violence leads one to believe that  far too many of today's boys have either lost interest or hope while  others are simply out of control. 

Today's Gender Education

 How to motivate & teach at-risk students is a universal academic  problem that demands to be addressed as we move further into the 21st  Century. What can be done to challenge the culture of a school and its  adjoining community? 


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