Doc Holliday's Mission

“Doc" Holliday, Executive Director of Boys Transitioning, Inc. and Associate Professor Emeritus at Kennesaw State University, has been a building principal for more than four decades (1970-2000) in Ohio and Georgia at the middle- and high-school levels. His schools have long been characterized and recognized for exceeding academic expectations because of his willingness to take acceptable risk, his sensible and savvy leadership talents, and his success as a change agent. He earned his Ph.D. in educational leadership from The Ohio State University, where he was selected by his professors as the top scholar in his class.

He has presented many cutting-edge ideas at numerous state, regional, national and international conferences across the United States. He has served as a classroom teacher (rural) and as principal of both middle and high schools. He has been an assistant superintendent for school improvement for the Cobb County (Georgia) Public School District (suburban), as well as chief of staff for the Atlanta Public Schools (urban).Doc Holliday is considered a leader in developing innovative, data-driven programs for high-risk, under-performing schools with diverse populations. One of his most important contributions to public education is having produced over 50 educators who have gone on to become successful principals and university leaders across the United States. He believes that public schools must learn how to take advantage of uncharted opportunities and how to stretch the few resources that are within their control. It is just like anything else: We must learn to do more with less!He is also a sought-after lecturer and presenter because of his wealth of knowledge in the field of education over the past 30 years.


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