Flagship Programs

30 Core Values Worth Knowing Critical Writing Program


The purpose of this project is to expose 21st Century students (Grades 3-12) to fundamental Core Values developed by Dr. H.E. Holliday and documented in his most recent book “Reconnecting, Redirecting, and Redefining 21st Century Males”. This project coincides with the Federal and State Departments of Education Character Education Framework.

In addition to being exposed to core values, students are given an opportunity to express their individual feedback by writing their thoughts and understanding of the selected content. We call these individuals “Future Authors”. The ability to actually see their writings in a form of a published book provide the confidence and inspiration for the boys in addition to dismissing the myth that boys cannot write.

This project helps parents, teachers, and administrators identify physical, emotional, and psychological adjustments many boys have been forced to navigate alone during their most vulnerable, formative years and provides adjustments that adults must make to assist them in these transitions. Dr. Holliday continues to provide insight into strategies he has used himself to intervene, laying a blueprint for others to follow.

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Target Subject Area:  English Language Arts (ELA), Behavior, Parental Engagement

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Mother-Son Parental Engagement Workshop Series


Research Initiative

Challenge:  There is no question that there exist a growing disconnect between single mothers and their sons. There has been a dramatic increase in American divorce rates over the past 40 years as well as an increasing birthrate outside of marriage. More and more mothers who are younger and younger are expected to raise healthy, well-adjusted young men by themselves in the absence of strong positive role model fathers in the home. In addition, these mothers must increasingly compete with negative inputs in their son’s developments through social media and peer pressure.

Description of Workshops:  These series of workshops are designed to provide essential information and tools for the tool kit of our single parents as well as students. The overreaching goal is to assist mothers in developing a blueprint for successful parenting of today’s 21st century males as they navigate the sometimes bewildering road to success in life. Each breakout session will be staffed by KSU students, professors, and other professionals in the Metro Atlanta area. These practical and insightful workshops and presentations are designed to educate and inspire. The workshops will serve as building blocks to encourage positive interactions between mothers and sons.Through the power of respectful communication and personal responsibility, we will empower and assist single mothers to learn to set and enforce boundaries with confidence and resolve.

These conferences will allow mothers to set aside all the distractions of life and focus on getting to better know and understand their sons. These workshops are designed for mothers to laugh, listen, and talk with their sons and to temporarily get away from things that normally distract both of them. ​This will be an opportunity for sons to see their mother not only as ‘Mom’, but as a woman who has excellent insights to share with and about them. Sons will discover that moms are their number one fans who have high expectations in life for them at all times. Four different workshops for both mothers and sons at each session.

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STEM/STEAM Career Discovery and Entrepreneur Workshops


Partnering with ItsMyCareer, this STEM based workshop engages 6-12th grade students/parents in the core subjects (Math, Science, ELA, Literacy) by introducing an innovative career discovery and entrepreneur methodology addressing the need for technology and communication literacy skills and critical thinking skills required for the 21st Century. The workshop maps core subjects to the process of discovering traditional and nontraditional careers along with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

The workshop consists of interactive activities that will provide a general understanding of how core subjects integrate with Business Process Modeling as it applies to developing a fundamental idea along with discovering career opportunities. Students will be required to participate in team building activities, concept/idea development, and critical thinking exercises. Please reference the Workshop Outline section below for further details.

Throughout the workshop, students are informed of the mapping of core subjects (Math, Science, ELA, Literacy) to careers. As the students/parents examine each process model along with the careers related to the individual process model, each career definition emphasizes the subjects/classes required to pursue that particular career. During the Entrepreneur session of the workshop, processes are revealed and subjects/classes are mapped to each process.

Day to day activities of the individual career is examined and mapped to a core subject. At the end of the workshop, the students will have a clear understanding of how to map core subjects/class requirements to career choices.


Target Audience:  Middle, High Schools

Target Subject Area:  STEM/STEAM, Entrepreneurship, Parental Engagement

Books for Boys Campaign


Boys Transitioning is an organization designed to help get relevant and important literature into the hands of young men. It is essential that 21st Century young males be exposed to books and other written material in order for them to expand their critical thinking skills and to positively control their own destiny. America must develop a systematic and logical way of sharing large and small ideas with young men. America should continue to generate well rounded, self-sufficient and truly intellectually curious individuals who understand how to reach their true potential.

Books for Boys Campaign is developed to provide a channel to distribute key information to our boys and parents. Boys Transitioning offers sponsorship packages that will make select books available to each boy during the Mother-Son Parental Engagement Workshops. Visit Books for Boys page to make your individual/corporate donation!

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